the brand new package


Just starting out?

For the brand new brand. Everything you need to get your venture off the ground at a friendly fee. Create a solid foundation off of which to grow your business.

What’s included

Free phone consultation

Visual identity document

Typography-focused wordmark + social icon

Squarespace website



Mobile optimization, eCommerce, Social Media integration, Mailing List integration, Blogging, Third Party integrations, SEO optimization


I am seeking. I

am striving. I

am in it with all my heart.

Vincent Van Gogh


Ready for More?

As you start to grow and your needs evolve, consider supplemental services to make your digital presence as robust as your offer.

add-on menu

Additional website pages + features

Custom CSS

Logo + icon variations

Newsletter design

Social media assets

Presentations + decks

Flyers + posters



Nikki armytage-foy, founder, electric woman

Annie brought my brand to life, and through this process I am so much more focused and clear about my entire business direction. The journey was rewarding and inspiring with her clear grasp of what I wanted and her creative ideas were sharp, bold and brave. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a stunning, clear, effective and powerful website.